Part of growing older is adapting to certain changes.  I have been blessed in that complaints my friends talk about (vision dropping dramatically at 40, stiffness and pain getting up in the morning, the need to head to bed earlier than in their youth, and the ability to eat like a teenager) haven’t really bothered me yet.  That is until recently.

It appears that my tolerance for spicy food has given out.  Last night was the second time in the last couple weeks that I had a pretty spicy meal just before before bed and woke up in the middle of the night with some serious acid reflux.  Sure, eating anything that late is not a good idea and I am sure that played into it.

In the end though, I am going to take it as a painful message to make a few changes.  I may not lay off spicy food entirely, but I certainly will keep it earlier in the day.  I will also take it as ‘another’ hint to drop some weight.  Oh yeah, cutting down on stress would be a good idea too.

I am actually starting to believe that I am not invincible and could possibly miss out on my plan to live forever.