Part of my four-day visit to my Houston home was the need to get some fresh food.  One of my biggest gripes about trying to eat better is trying to fit my peculiarities.  I am not a big fan of melon in general – most of them are just too sweet.  Honeydew however, is just right.  The problem with even honeydew is that you have to cut it, clean it, de-rind it, cube it… we’re talking a lot of work.

Apparently, the honeydew market is not big enough for grocery stores to cube it by itself.  Sure, there is a ton of watermelon cubed, plenty of cantelope.   Heck, there are even countless little buckets of a ‘variety’ of cubed melon.  If you just like honeydew by itself, you are on your own.  NOT ANYMORE!!!

Yes, the Kroger on Eldridge and W. Little York has it!!  Of course now that I live in San Marcos and there are no Krogers in SM, I am still left out.  But you know what?  I can still grab some everytime I come to Houston.

One of the other peeves I have had about eating well is salad.  I LOVE salad – I just don’t like going through all the preparation.  Cutting up the lettuce is the easy part – the problem is grating cheese, making croutons, cooking and slicing up chicken breast… it goes on and on.  That has been solved too!  That very same Kroger not only solved my melon issues (hehe – I have melon issues) but quick salads are solved as well.

Okay, its a little pricey – we’re talking five bucks for a very small amount of “fixins,” but it does solve the problem of a quick and easy healthy lunch.

And hey, just so you don’t start believe my self-delusion that I am going to be eating just healthy food – I did find something else for my “cool junk food” category.  Yet another version of Cheetos.

I did pick them up – but I haven’t tried them yet.  (Gotta eat my honeydew!)