Gas prices are down, interest rates are down, our banking system has been bailed out, life is good.  I was going to say, “How dumb do you guys think we are?” but that’s obvious.  The truth is that “we” are dumber than a box of rocks.

“We” – and I am using the collective “we”, continue to fall for this nonsense.  We continue to think that our elected (harrumph) officials are working or have worked to make thing better for us.  We continue to think that just because someone says “change” that they intend to make a change that helps us.

More importantly, we continue to think that these two bloated political parties actually have some difference between them.  They both conspired to lock out third party participation, they both conspired to convince the people that they give a minute’s thought to what is good for the US citizens.  They both do things in lock step because they are the same party.  Sure, one plays good cop for a while, and then they switch it up when we start getting wise.

Wake up!  Get your head out of the training box called television and try thinking.  Turn off all the things that numb your mind and you’ll suddenly discover that your need for all those medications, your fear about all the uncertainty, and your hesitation to take responsibility for your own happines will disappear.

That said… if you haven’t already – VOTE.  Sure, you may be voting for the wrong reason, or you may be making your decision based on misinformation, but right or wrong – at least you’ll be doing something.