I had a meeting in San Antonio this afternoon that has been moved just as I found out about another one I had been invited to.  The difference is that this one is San Marcos, so I found myself with some free time.  (not enough to do the thing I had originally planned for today – relaxing at a friend and coworker’s house)

The net result is that while I get some work out of the way during my unexpected freedom, I glanced over to see Lou sleeping in my chair.  What do I do when I see Lou sleeping?  I just always feel the need to snap a photo of him looking so content even though it is no different than the gazillion other ones I have taken of him sleeping.  He is a true sport about the whole thing though, as he has learned to just crack the eyelids open (I assume he hears the movement, checks to see if I am leaving and settles in for “yet another photo”)  Like I said, he is a very good sport.

And you know what?  You guys are very good sports for not saying things like “Enough with the Lou-sleeping pics already” haha