My trend of posting entries related to Mountain Dew (or Cheetos) continues! Eric brought in some very cool Mt. Dew bottles to the office and I was struck by how small they were. These are not your typical 16 oz bottles, but 12 oz. Big deal right? Four ounces. Well, I have been a fan of smaller portions when it comes to liquid refreshment – even back to the college days of filling our kitchen table with the “dead soldiers” of empty bottles of Little Kings Cream Ale.

Whether it is a beer or a soft drink, I am a slow drinker. The problem with beer used to be that it was warm before I finished a regular sized one – with soft drinks, the same thing. When I get a bottle of Mountain Dew now, it literally takes me three or four sittings to finish one. The sweet is just too sweet.

I think he found them at HEB in a 12-pack or something. Oh, and yeah, I did sort of cheat in the photo by placing it next to a 1-liter Coke not the traditional 16 oz. All the other photos I took of it didn’t show the size difference well. Trust me though – these are some tiny bottles