NBC’s psychotic spy thriller show My Own Worst Enemy could not have been named better.  The show is indeed, its own worst enemy.  It launched a few weeks back on NBC and HULU and I finally sat down to try out the first episode.  Wow, this is a real stinker.

Sure the acting is okay, Christian Slater and Alfre Woodard turn in servicable performances.  The premise though is a bit riduculous.  A secret agency “manifests” volunteers with a split personality – one that is a normal white-collar husband and father, and this other side that is a ruthless spy.  Uh – why?    This is just another in a line of shows trying to be the next X-Files that failed to grasp why X-Files worked.  Hint:  It wasn’t because of a sci-fi twist on tired government storylines… it was because it took a very normal premise, gave us characters we cared about, touched on unknowns that touch all us, and oh yeah – HAD GOOD WRITING!

And for the record, Fringe is still on my list of ones to watch after one episode.  I will let you know after I get a few under my belt.