I have to say, it wasn’t a meal “just like Mom used to make,” it was better.  Again, let me reiterate that I love my mom more than anyone in the world, and some of her meals are the best on the planet.  Its just that tomato soup was not her strong point.  We’re talking, crack open a can of Campbell’s, add a can of water, and heat.  No muss, no fuss – just standard tomato soup.  To go with though, she added toasted bread cut into strips and this made the entire meal one of my favorites.

I have a new favorite tomato soup recipe – actually it is a tomato basil soup with a monster grilled cheese sandwhich.  This is what I ordered today from the HIll Country Grill in downtown San Marcos – holy Toledo this thing is good!

It is worth the stop – when you taste it, you will agree.  In fact, tell them Chris at Newstreamz recommended it to you.