Oh yeah, more political fodder – more spin & dodge – more lies to the public – more of my self-righteous take on how bad all of our choices are.

Again, let me reiterate the basic workings of my grading system. The criteria for grading is purely based on my opinion. Every time a candidate says the right thing (i.e. something I agree with) he gets a check in the “Right” column. Every time something wrong is said, a check in the “Wrong” column. Also, every time there is an attempt to spin or dodge the question, there was a check in the “Spin/Dodge” column. All of these tallies are totaled up and their grade is based on what percentage of the time they answer things “correctly.”

After her Saturday Night Live appearance (oh wait, that was Tina Fey pretending to be her) or her recent interviews with Katie Couric and others, a lot of people were expecting a complete Miss North Carolina moment. It turns out that she is a very good debater. There were no moments of confusion or clueless looks, just her talking points. That is where she lost this debate. Spin/Dodge dominated Governor Palin’s answers – she clearly led in that category.

34% Spin – More than one third of Governor Palin’s utterance turned the conversation away from the question asked or outright avoided answer at all. She didn’t spin nearly as much as McCain did in his debate (45%) but dominated against her opponent.

16% Spin – Senator Biden’s spin ratio was probably my biggest surprise in any of the current round of debates. He spun less than John McCain, Sarah Palin, or Barack Obama. Is it too late to make him the Democratic candidate

So what was the overall grade for the two veep wannabes? Again, Joe Biden’s numbers were shocking.

71% Correct – Biden had the ONLY passing grade among all four candidates who have a dog in this fight. The sad part is that a score of a C- is seen as dramatic.

32% Correct – Palin pretty much split things evenly. 1/3 of the time correct, 1/3 of the time spininng and 1/3 of the time just wrong. This is a well deserved F.

So what are some of the other things that stood out? On Domestic issues and Foreign Affairs Biden scored 77% Correct, while Palin scored 25% and 35% respectively. The reason for the discrepancy in Correct scores for Palin was a huge 45% Spin on Domestic issues. Biden’s weakest category was Energy issues, where he scored only 67% but still beat Palin (38%.)

Once again both candidates reeked of business as usual. Don’t give me any guff about Biden laying waste to her – he still only scored a C- and that means business as usual. It’s depressing that doing just enough to get by can seem brilliant when compared to our recent history

The entire debate can be viewed here and if you are interested in getting my complete breakdown in Excel format, just shoot me an email. [email protected][dot]com

Now get out there and make informed decisions. Don’t believe me, decide for yourself.