Someone asked me today, “Who are you going to vote for?”  It was quickly followed by, “not that ^&*[email protected]^[email protected]^ _________.”  The funny thing is that with the exception of the name that filled in the blank – it was almost word for word what I had heard from someone for the other candidate.  The bottom line is that I don’t want to vote for either.  BOTH are long-time participants in the cronie network of “contribute to my campaign and I will move government contracts in your direction.”  BOTH.    Neither candidate gives a damn about the people.  Neither will take any decisive action to improve things for the citizens of America.  BOTH will do just enough to get by while lining their already burdgeoning fat-cat pockets.

It is downright disgusting that these are our options.

Now that I have succeeded in pissing off followers of both parties, let me try to bring a little sanity into an insane system.  I know that simply NOT voting doesn’t do anything.  It doesn’t elect a good candidate.  It doesn’t even send a message to the bad ones – it just reinforces to both parties that they can continue to get away with whatever they want.  The few that do listen to the rhetoric, won’t be paying attention long enough to hold their feet to the fire.  So what can you do?

I still say “Vote ‘Em All Out” is the best policy.  Every elected official at every level should be voted out.  Sure, it may mean that you will be voting for a poor successor, but then vote him/her out next time.  Eventually, someone should get the point that it is the voters they should be listening to.  Just the sheer terror of knowing your term will be short-lived, may actually move someone to “do the right thing.”

In the end, I feel doubtful that even that will work because people are too lazy to even figure out who is the incumbent.  They will continue to watch their biased media and just do as instructed.  Maybe the only solution may be to run for office yourself?

You tell me?  When faced with the option of eating one of two steaming crap sandwiches, is eating the less hideous one the correct choice?