I used to be a big fan of Carl’s Jr. hamburgers – we are talking from way back in the day (like the 80’s.) Although I had never actually eaten one until much later, they advertised on all the LA Lakers games. Being a Laker fan since I started watching basketball, and being the the burger seemed exotic (as it wasn’t available in Texas) I liked the thing.

When I actually did get out to California, it was the first fast food outing I made. I have to say, I was not impressed, it tasted like a more expensive version of the Hardees burger. (Which was available in Nacogdoches where I attended college, and I later discovered was owned by the same company.)

In any event, I don’t eat a lot of fast food burgers anymore, but I will give the new Carl’s Jr. in San Marcos a try for nostalgia if nothing else.

I am guessing that Paris Hilton is not included.