Sure, we have a new leader – sure, America is filled with either fear or hope of the changes to come… but I want to talk about real changes.

That’s right – personal changes.

First off, the beard is gone. Funny thing about wearing a beard or goatee for the better part of a decade or more – when its gone, it throws people for a loop. I didn’t have anyone come right out and say, “Wow, you shaved off the beard.” I heard some, “Did you get a haircut?” an occasional, “Gee, you look younger” and even two people who said, “When did you grow the moustache?” haha Uh, when I was in high school. (That is the only thing that hasn’t gone away since I was first able to grow facial hair.)

Another big change is the new digs. Finally, after ten months of sleeping in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, I have moved into a three bedroom house. I still am not ready to purchase a home as I haven’t sold the one I own in Houston yet, but it sure is nice to have a little elbow room again.

I took some pics of the house the other day but was organizing all my shots so I didn’t lose them and I think they ended up on a storage drive at the office.  Oh well, take my word for it that I am digging the new crash pad.  I did manage to find some from the backyard.

I am sharing the new place with Blake and Eric, while Lou is sharing his backyard with Eric’s dog Lola.  Lou, for one, is definitely digging have a backyard again.

I know this time of year the lack of grass doesn’t look all that great, but it is a nice big yard and we are just a few blocks away from a wilderness area of a couple hundred acres.

Good times!

Oh yeah, and I guess something happened concerning an election or something… I should look into that.  🙂