Blake just gave me the heads-up that a live-action GI Joe movie will be coming out soon – G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. I took a look at the cast of characters and was shocked and outraged (okay, maybe just a little turned off) that my two favorite GI Joe characters are not even in the film – Flint and Lady J.

I mean come on, Flint is the quintessential real American hero – forget about Duke, Hawk or Sargent Slaughter… they can’t hold his jock strap.

And Lady Jaye? Are you kidding me? She was my first big cartoon girl crush… she was the one with brains and grit. Its a betrayal to Joe fans everywhere.

I guess that is what you get – a no-name director and Brendan frickin-Fraser as the star. This really can’t be good.

Hey, if the filmmakers are reading this…. Now you know – and knowing is half the battle!