As you may be aware, we do the video production work for the Lombardi Awards – we follow the finalists around for a day and half, filming everything they do. It is a great event that is highlighted by the athletes and dignitaries touring Texas Children’s Hospital as well as the M.D. Anderson Children’s Cancer Center. These giant men melt like a snowman in Southtown when they meet the kids in the oncology wards. It reinforces what the entire award is about. It’s more than great football players, it’s about raising money to fight cancer and for 39 years the Houston Rotary Club has raised millions through this amazing program.

In addition to the serious mission of the group, there is a lot of fun. When you see these guys play on your TV Saturday afternoon, it’s hard to remember they are just kids themselves. Each year, the groups have been, to a man, fun to be around. I was especially pleased to see Ohio State linebacker, James Lauraniatis return after being a finalist last year. It was good to see him again.

Oh yeah, one of the side perks is things like this:

Yes, that is Brooke Daniels, the 2009 Miss Texas USA winner. In addition to being extremely easy on the eyes, she is a witty, funny, and talented communications student at Sam Houston State. We talked about her career after college and I have a feeling she is going to go far.

Tonight is the big award banquet featuring dozens of high-profile sports figures and we are filming and producing the live video. Should be a lot of fun.