This one cracked me up, but I apparently forgot to post it… I was getting my car washed and thought the irony was worth a photo.

On one of my last trips to Victoria, I swung by my brother, Tom’s place and found him building a coffin. Not just any coffin – a coffin for playing music. It is complete with handles for pall bearers to carry it to the party of your choice.

Ever the one for reporting on good food, I snapped this at Kip’s BBQ in San Marcos but my Blackberry was unable to send photos at the time. This is some pretty darn good barbecue for San Marcos. Not as good as Woody’s, but darn tasty. What you are looking at here is a chopped beef and sausage sandwich and side of macaroni and cheese.

That’s all I have right now and the Blackberry is rocking and rolling again on sending photos, so look for them to go here, Facebook, Utterli, or Brightkite as I feel motivated.