The upcoming Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will launch, I think, sometime in March.  Until that time, they are putting out “videoblogs” online in an attempt to make this thing look like new media.  This production is the farthest thing from new media I have seen.  Not only are they pretending to be something akin to an amateur video production, they insult the intelligence of the audience with their attempt to act as if the show is off-the-cuff.

I’ve long been a fan of Jimmy Fallon, and I don’t blame him for taking the gig – hell, who would turn it down?  I mean come on – a HUGE budget to pretend to be a small budget production certainly takes all the pressure of actually being good.

Lesson to big “old” media attempting to catch the new media wave… it is NOT about being amateur – its about being REAL!  Until you figure that out, you will continue to be “old” media.  Using twitter to advertise your garbage does not make it cool.

And hey, if you want us to overlook this HORRIBLE attempt to obfusciate that you are anything but the same old crap, at least hire better writers – this stuff so far is extremely lame.