Gran Torino is another film that I really hadn’t heard much about – funny how that happens when you turn off your satellite and cable.  I kinda dig not seeing all the previews.  When you think about it – most of the time, the previews either show all the good parts of a movie or totally mislead you as to what you are about to see anyway.  I like it better not being spoon fed why I should like a film.

I have to say, the first thing I noticed in Gran Torino is that Clint Eastwood seems to get tougher as he gets older.   This part seems like it was written with him in mind.  I mean… come on, who doesn’t like seeing Eastwood kick ass?

The script does a good job of telling a story of America through Eastwood’s character.  The struggle to overcome past beliefs, cope with the changing face and habits of society, and deal with personal demons is the undertone to what looks to be a simple tale.

While the dialogue involving off-hand racist remarks and “guy talk” is great, the writer’s seem to falter at times when dealing with the “big picture” issues.  It’s as if they took a solid story and dumbed it down for the consuming public – you know… Hollywoodized it.

In the end, Clint Eastwood turns in a classic Eastwood performance.  Had the script been stronger and not relied on so many cliche setups, reactions, and dialogue – this would have been a 10 star rating.

RATING 8 out of 10