I haven’t mentioned it yet because I am unsure about how fast I will pick it up but it is official – I have started my quest to become a “guitar man.”

I am doing it for several reasons – 1) I have been meaning to learn guitar for a very long time – 2) it is a very healthy way to chill – 3) its so much easier and cool to break out a guitar when sitting around a campfire than to setup a piano. 🙂

I picked up a guitar when I was in town this week visiting my mom. She saw me shopping and said, “Get it.” My normal procedure is to spend several months shopping around, weighing the options, convincing myself it is worth the money, and either scrapping the idea or moving forward. She saved me a lot of time.

I still haven’t had any lessons although Gary has told me he will sit down and walk me through some stuff. I have mainly just been downloading things off the Internet and realizing just how little I actually know about it all. Even when I was playing keyboard way back in the day, I never learned to read music.

One thing I am sure of – it will be an adventure!