I tried something a little different with my diet today.  I was tired of the quick, unhealthy lunches so I decided to have a PowerBar (Peanut Butter) and some beef jerky for lunch.  I didn’t feel a hint of hunger throughout the day.

The problem was it worked too well.  Not only wasn’t I hungry, but I was waaay under for my caloric consumption and my level of fat intake was too low.  Seriously, this sort of diet extremely high in protein and absent of fat is not healthy.

So, I fixed things when I got home by making some Queso con Bambi.  (hehe)  My brother is an avid deer hunter and always supplies me with plenty of deer meat.  Not only is it darn tasty, but it isn’t pumped full of all those steroids and chemicals in beef.  With it, I make the most amazing dip with Velveeta, deer, Rotel, and a nip of beer.

The cheese took care of getting my fat intake higher, but this stuff sure was filling – and, the deer is also high in protein.

Here is what I did today:
Total Calories: (under 2,100) 1,887
% Fat: (25-35%) 16%
% Carbohydrates: (40-50%) 34%
% Protein: (20-30%) 50%
Minutes of exercise: (30-60) 15

In the end, I lost another couple hundred calories, but went waaay overboard on the protein side.  Overall, it is fine as I have gone overboard on the carb side plenty of times.