I did just over five miles today on my bike and started thinking about a goal.  Last year was one of my worst in terms of total mileage and I think its time to get my butt back in gear.

Rather than just do something simple like set a goal of “ride more” or “ride once a week,”  I just went all out insane.  I noticed I was right at 1,300 miles away from achieving 20,000 since I graduated from high school and started keeping track. What better goal than breaking 20K?  Sure, I haven’t done over 1,300 miles in one year since 1989.  Heck, I haven’t even broken 1,000 since 2001 (the last time I trained for a ride – the Hotter N’ Hell 100)

With about 47 weeks left in year, I am looking at somewhere north of 27 miles a week.  Back when I was training, I used to do over 20 miles a day with rides of 50-75+ on weekends.  I can do this.  What better way to make it real and force me to stick to it than making it public.

Now, I am going to count on all of you to keep me motivated and kick my butt when I start slacking.  I will be posting the remaining mileage from time to time – and if I can figure out how to do it, maybe even paste it to my back when riding.