I saw a friend post what is becoming a popular meme – letting Google tell you what you need. To do it is simple.

Go to www.google.com and type in your first name, and the word needs. Put the search phrase in quotes, for best results. Here are the top ten things Chris needs according to Google?

1. Chris needs a blog
2. Chris needs the “new Paris Hilton sex video”
3. Chris needs a wee wee (this from a YouTube video)
4. Chris needs to give me cancer
5. Chris needs Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia
6. Chris needs Americymru (this is an interview with someone actually named Chris Needs)
7. Chris needs My Autobiography (referring to same Chris Needs)
8. Chris needs your sex talk
9. Chris needs your vote for the European Video Music Awards
10. Chris needs Myspace music profile (that same musician from Wales)

Interesting results. They are very skewed in favor of the actual Chris Needs, who appears to be a musician from Wales. He appears to be the subject of five of the ten. The other big theme here is sex – between “sex talk”, “sex videos”, and a “wee wee,” Chris apparently is jonesing for some sweet love.