One of the questions that has always interested me is “Are people basically good or basically evil?” I mean, we all know people who would give you the shirt off their back (and much more) without any regard for themselves. Yet, we all know people who would take the shirt off your back without any regard for you. So what IS in man’s nature? Is it self-preservation, personal gain, and selfishness or is it more about community, assisting those who are down, and “doing the right thing?”

Again, we have all met absolutely evil and selfish people – but do they outnumber the ones that are absolutely good and sharing? I am sorry to report from my perspective that it is more of the former and less of the latter. But it could just be that the evil folks in the world do such tremendous amount of damage that it is more noticeable than the millions of kinds acts performed during that same time.

What are your thoughts? We can agree that both types exist in the world – who is the larger group? Who is in charge? What can you do to affect that balance? (Personally, I find that surrounding myself with good people and putting distance between myself and the bad folks in the world, does wonders for your faith in mankind – even if it is a bit of self-delusion.)