I got a phone call this morning from the San Marcos flower shop saying “Chris Doelle? When are you going to be at home? I have a flower delivery for you.”

I was a little confused as getting flowers sent to me is a bit out of my normal routine. “From who?” I asked.

“It doesn’t say. When will you be at home so we can deliver?”

I asked the guy to instead deliver them to my office and gave him the address. After relaying the story to my coworkers and racking my brain to try and figure out who would be sending flowers, Eric said, “You’ve been SERVED!”

What? Could it be a process-server posing as a delivery guy and I was indeed being sued? I continued to rack my brain in an attempt to fathom who would possibly have a cause to sue me. I was dreaming up wild outlandish scenarios involving cases of mistaken identities, alter egos, corporate espionage… nothing made any sense.

I was still very freaked when the delivery guy showed up with a vase filled with 1 dozen long-stemmed, red roses. This actually freaked me out a little more than the idea that someone was suing me.

The card had no signature – no name – and simply said “Happy Birthday!”

Uh… my birthday is in November! Talk about adding a hint of weirdness to an already perplexing morning.

I called the flower shop – they said it came in off an internet site through FTD, but gave me an order number. I called FTD and they told me that they could not give out the sender’s name unless they had permission. They agreed to call the sender and see if permission would be given to reveal the name – they will call back if it is.

No call back as yet.

So did YOU do it? The whole thing has me a bit off-kilter, so I guess if that was the intent, it worked. Do I have someone playing an expensive prank (the order was $70,) do I have a stalker, do I have a secret crush?