What happened to CHANGE? Wasn’t that was Obama was supposed to bring? Hmmm… not so much. The Economic Stimulus plan is a cash grab, plain and simple. The Republicans did it with the housing & credit bailout, and the Democrats are doing the same damn thing – different scare tactic. A 1,000 plus page document that $800 billion taxpayer dollars and it wasn’t even made available for scrutiny. Why? Because it is 80% fraud highlighted with a few hundred million in kickbacks to citizens. For the most part, this is more corporate theft and all you will get out of it is $400 off your tax bill.

There is nothing new about this administration – it is business as usual. Who invented the plans for these bailouts? The same guys that put your elected officials in office. $800 billion for the credit crisis – how does it make sense to give that money to those that screwed it all up? Why not give the money BACK to the taxpayers, or better yet – pay off their mortgages with it. Then, the banks and lending institutions stay solvent AND you get a generation of citizens with their houses paid off. Talk about an incentive to get out and spend – pay off my house and watch how fast I put some cash into the system.

Same thing with this retarded stimulus plan. Put huge incentives on creating affordable, recyclable energy sources and watch the American people create what this “green” energy plan sets out to do, but in 1/10th the time – and at 1/100th of the cost. Stop the corporate handouts – why not try to return some of the people’s money to the people and eliminate the disgusting corporate tax breaks and loopholes. You’ll end up with MORE money in the system and MORE money available in the government coffers as well.

Long story short – if you’re expecting this stimulus package to change your life for the positive in any way – you are ill-informed. Politics as usual – unfortunately, over the past decade, the “usual” has been increasingly to plunder our country and economy with no regard for the future.