I grabbed a bottle of Muscle Milk from the convenience store the other day figuring it was some vitamin or protein enriched milk – uh, not even close. It isn’t really milk at all. It is a protein and vitamin shake. Sure, it’s good for you. Sure, it builds muscle. Sure, it is just the thing if you are working on building muscle mass. The problem is that is tastes bad.

I have to give the Cytomax kudos for their inventive packaging. As it was in the section with milk, I assumed it was just milk with some added good stuff. The bottle doesn’t at all look like the massive tubs of protein powder which are closer to its origins. For what it is, I am sure that Muscle Milk is a great product – but as a milk shake… I don’t think so.

Drink it to help with your training… just don’t expect it to taste like a milkshake.