Most films are easy to peg.  Sometimes the title, maybe the poster, and certainly a trailer, provides clues as to what you have in store. Every once in awhile however, you come across a film that is nothing at all like you imagined.  Lars and the Real Girl is just such a film.

The story revolves around this dude, Lars, that gets a Real Doll (CAUTION: link contains nudity) – a lifelike love doll. At first blush, it would seems a good setup for a raunchy (or at least bawdy) comical romp. It was NOTHING like that.

It is hard to say anything about the movie without spoiling what makes it so unique. Let me just say that Ryan Gosling turns in another great performance as the super-shy, Lars Lindstrom. More than just another great Gosling showcase, this film is touching on many levels. It is a warm look at what good people do for each other.

It is a completely charming film that is very well constructed throughout as it flows easily from laughter to tear-welling empathy.  As you travel with the story, you become a part of this amazing community of characters – each of which is more endearing than the last.

If you have a taste for good story, good acting, and non-Hollywood film fare – Lars and the Real Girl is a good find.

RATING 8 out of 10