I crossed the 19,000 mile threshold just a few minutes ago and I have to say it felt good. This marks 19,000 total miles ridden on a bicycle since I started keeping track in 1983. I logged over 2,000 miles in 1985 alone so in 25+ years 19,000 is nothing special. Sure, these are tiny numbers compared to some of the hardcore cyclists, but it marks somewhat of a comeback for me.

My cycling had really dropped off in the past ten years. In fact, it was 2001 the last time I did 1,000 in a single year and that was because I had a specific goal of doing my first ever Hotter N’ Hundred in Wichita Falls. The motivation of a much-younger friend telling me he was going to wipe the floor with me was enough to make me log 100 miles in 108 degree temperature. (And I crushed him in it – haha)

The goal I set for myself this year was to break 20,000 total miles before the end. This was no small goal as to do so will require that I log around 1,300 miles. This is more than I have done in a single year in twenty (20) years!

I still need 990 to break 20K, but with the pace I have kept in the past couple months, I feel confident that I can make it.