It’s true – facebook is officially mainstream.  Not only have I seen it mentioned a half dozen times on television shows now, but a LARGE number of my friends from the past have joined.

I have friended a past high school girlfriend, two former college girlfriends, a dozen relatives from around the country, and at least a dozen former high school friends in just the past two weeks.  (And I attended a country high school with a graduating class of around 50.)  These are all people that wouldn’t have gone anywhere near a social networking site just a few short months ago.  These are not cutting edge technologists – these are normal people.

So what does it all mean?  Does it mean that this bastion of uber-coolness has been invaded by the mainstream?  Yeah, it certainly has changed… but I think for the better.  Does it mean that I have to find something else to remain on the cutting edge?   Well, I kinda do that anyway.

I’m actually enjoying facebook’s explosion because it has allowed me to get in contact with so many cool people from my past.  Sure, it has changed the dynamic of how I view facebook, but its a dynamic that I like.

What are your thoughts?  When did you join?  Are you an old-timer like me, or did you just get sucked in recently?  What got you involved?

Now, I am no fan of Alexa (don’t get me started on how skewed their results are) but it looks like April of ’08 is when facebook surpassed MySpace.  The incline in the past few months has been surprisingly steep though as it has indeed hit the mainstream.