Okay, so the pun in the post title is a groaner… but the film Watchmen is not.

I really enjoyed the heck out of the film despite never having been a fan of the graphic novel. I had numerous opportunities to read it through, but each time was put off by the sheer volume of text. It looks like a comic, but reads like a novel. I just couldn’t reconcile that.

With no background in the story, I went into the theater with a completely open mind. I was going to let the film speak for itself… and it did! I LOVE the characters. I LOVE the story. I LOVE the visuals. I LOVE just about everything about the Watchmen. Now, I want to go back and read the graphic novel and immerse myself in extremely rich universe. I am a fan.

There are few films that I would even consider watching more than once – this is one.

The character Rorschach is the perfect modern-day anti-hero. How can you not love this entirely unlikable guy? Even the despicable masked hero known as The Comedian has something strangely appealing. These heroes are flawed – these heroes are troubled – these heroes are real. (Well, except for all those cool abilities.)

One thing I found very cool was the historical backdrop against which the storyline is set.  Their world appears to be a parallel universe in which superheroes walked among us, and Nixon was in the middle of this third term as President.  You can see bits of this storyline (and others) in NBCs series Heroes.

FUN, FUN, stuff!

RATING 9 out of 10