I have so many films to review that I am sure to not do them justice. That said, here goes anyway.

The film I saw most recently was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I really enjoyed the movie on a couple levels. The fact that it was entirely story and character driven made it a welcome change from typical Hollywood fare. The other aspect that delighted me throughout was the use of special effects and makeup, without which this film would have been impossible. Benjamin as an “old” toddler and tween were some of the most amazing effects.

Watch this movie for the special effects. Watch this movie for the rich tapestry of sets and cinematography. Watch it for the great acting throughout the cast. Watch it for the emotional highs and lows. But most of all, watch it for the message.

RATING 8 out of 10

I also saw a documentary about jumpers at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge called The Bridge. Apparently, more people choose to end their life from this span than another other single location each year. The filmmakers setup their cameras to film jumpers for an entire calendar year. They then went back and investigated the deaths to talk with friends and families of the jumper.

What seems like a macabre, voyeuristic attempt to exploit people in their lowest (and often last) point, really turned into a look at suicide itself.

I am sure that some people will still find the entire subject matter too disturbing to watch, but as a student of humanity (hence the Psychology minor) I find the subject too important to ignore.

The film tastefully handles a very complex issue, but in the end, stops short of offering any real insight

RATING 6 out of 10