Selections from my personal journal during college.

Catch-up time. The 12th, I went to visit a girl named Traci to study for my Exercise Physiology test. She’s a real nice girl – I think I’ll go out with her before the semester ends. The 13th, I took the test and scored an 89 on it. The 14th, I made the mistake of running all out for 4 miles and then playing basketball for two hours. Normally, it would be no big deal, but the next day was my 50 mile bike race, the 2nd annual Tour de Pines. I cut my best time by 30 minutes but still finished out of the top.

Janie and I went out Saturday. We went to see Leviathon at the dollar theater. We were talking about heading out to the lake afterward, but she decided against it at the last minute. I saw her out later with Greg and Mark. I was pleasant but pretty pissed.

I started seeing more of Amy – every night for the past week I’ve been up until at least 2AM with her – she’s a really good friend.

Big news last night. Tonya plans on moving in with us this Summer (purely platonic) and this didn’t get a good reception from Brock (her beau.) I was totally surprised to find on my answering machine a message from Brock saying that he was upset and – to put it lightly – wants to kill me. Brock is a huge guy but he has a mongo beer gut and I don’t think he is smart enough to hurt me. I know I’m not dumb enough to stand there and find out. (The bigger they are…)

I tried calling Tonya this morning to see what was up but she wasn’t home. Oh well – like sands through the hourglass…

Another interesting post. Once again a whole host of girls are mentioned in a single post – and once again, the only one that keeps showing up in all of them is Tonya. It is a bit weird that these are the first Wayback posts I am making when I know one of the involved parties is actually either reading them as I post – or at least can read them easily. Maybe I should stop posting these? Maybe it is too much info. ????