Selections from my personal journal during college.

Right now I’m in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I’m visiting my grandparents (Mom’s side.) We are planning on leaving in the morning – Tuesday. We’ve been here since Saturday. My parents and Tom picked me up at college.

Yesterday, Tom, Dan (Grandpa) and I went fishing in the lake. We made a bet with the money being split between the person that caught the most fish and the one that caught the largest fish. Grandpa Dan caught the most (nine) and I only caught one, but it was the biggest – so Grandpa and I split the money. We went fishing again with the same bet and I caught the most (ten) and Dan caught the biggest – Tom again missed out. .

We’ve had a great time but I am ready to get home. Oh, in case you hadn’t figured – I am going home for the Summer. I ran into roommate troubles (explanation later) and was without a roommate for the Summer.

Right now everything I own is in the parents van and headed back to Texas. I rode my bike around here the past few days to keep some semblance of of a training schedule, but these have to be the worst roads I’ve EVER ridden. I’ll be lucky if I didn’t bend a rim.

I think that was the first post in months that I didn’t mention a girl. Being away from school and involved in other things does wonders for distracting one from affairs of the heart. Fear not though – there is plenty of silliness and drama right around the corner.