Selections from my personal journal during college.

Just a small entry to let you know I’m alive – went to work today for Pops. We went to Bay City to set some windows. (Not sure if I mentioned that my father owns a stained glass studio that creates, installs, and repairs church windows.) My wrist hurt like hell from a basketball injury over a week ago. We’re going back to finish up tomorrow.

I’m watching “Empire of the Sun” – great movie – while writing. I just finished letters to Terry and Tonya. I really miss Tonya (more on that later.)

I rode 14 miles today on my bike, averaging around 18 miles per hour.

I’m going to write to Amy and Traci (from my Exercise Physiology class) when I get some time. Nah, I think I’ll go to sleep.

See, I told you the girls would return soon. Here, I mention three girls, but it was clear that two were an afterthought. This is the first real mention of my parent’s stained glass studio that I remember. It seemed rather mundane to me, but in retrospect, it is a very cool niche business that my brother, Tim still runs. I spent all of my summers from when I was old enough to tag along, traveling around the Southern United States with my Dad and brothers working on churches of all denominations. (Except for the ones that don’t do the stained glass thing.) Throughout junior high and high school, I worked as an artist, sketching the proposed window designs as well as actually painting the kiln-fired pieces.

Oh yeah, and Empire of the Sun is still one of the few I have rated 10 stars and remains among my favorite films.