I watched Quantum of Solace tonight and have to say that Daniel Craig still remains one of my favorite Bonds – if not THE favorite.

One of the few beefs I had with the film is minor when laid side-by-side with the entire 007 movie archive. Bond has always been over-the-top on impossible jumps, explosions, death-defying-last-second-saves, and the like. The house in the finale had to be the most explosive building ever constructed. But, if that’s my biggest issue – this is a solid installment of the series.

I do like that they continued the tradition established with Craig’s first Bond – extensive use of the art of Parkour. The frenetic energy and grace displayed throughout any scene involving running was stunning.

Of course, the Bond girls just keep getting better – in that they are getting hotter, smarter, and just better characters for the stories. QoS is DOUBLE-O-COOL!

RATING 8 out of 10