This morning was another in a line of recent milestones – this one, weight related.

When I moved from Houston to San Marcos, I weighed in at 240 pounds (my highest weight ever.) I didn’t move for the purpose of losing weight. I wasn’t even trying to lose weight when it started to come off. I rationalized that it was the new surroundings (particularly the lack of buffet restaurants and distance from my regular “going out to eat” buddies) that kicked things off. I also noticed that because my office location is right in the middle of downtown with a bunch of useful places within walking distance, that I was walking a lot more.

After the first couple of pounds dropped off and I had to move to a tighter notch on my belt, I decided to make a concerted effort. I brought one of my bikes up from Houston and eased back into some leisure rides.

Fast forward almost a year and a half later and I have lost over 20 pounds, set my most optimistic cycling mileage goal in over a decade, and it has worked like a charm. No pressure, no quick-fix, just routine repetition of good habits.

The weight loss had plateaued at 20 pounds and held steady for about a month until this morning. I believe though, that things are about to kick back into fitness gear even more.

The plan – 1) continue my cardio work with daily cycling, 2) continue to eat conscientiously, but not restricting what I like, and 3) add weight training. I have always responded quickly to weight training and can put on muscle pretty fast. It will be misleading on the scale as I replace fat with muscle because it weighs more, but I will gladly take a stall in weight loss in exchange for a return to being able to comfortably take my shirt off in public.

I hope to settle in between 180-200 pounds, with the emphasis being how I feel and how I look with my shirt off. I have brand new inspiration that should be just the ticket. I have always been more motivated to do things for someone else than myself and let’s just say that I have “someone else” to inspire me.

by Chris Doelle

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