This could be why my backpack is so heavy. I unloaded the thing on the conference table to see just what all was inside. This is WITHOUT the laptop, power cord, mouse etc. that are in the other room right now. We are talking magazines (4), clipboard, calculators (3), digital cameras (3), tripod, rechargeable batteries (8), charger, voice recorders (2), marketing flyers, extra hard drive, thumb drives (2), packs of gum (2), chapstick, pens (5), iPods (2), earbuds, power bars (3), broadband card, collapsible dog water bowl, business cards, contact lens solution, checkbook, Tai Chi DVD, and a half dozen different USB connectors. THIS is what it takes to be a New Media Titan 🙂


I weighed the thing this morning when it was fully loaded and it comes in at nearly 50 pounds. I just know one of the straps is going to break soon because I fling it over one shoulder and take it everywhere. I am going to try to eliminate some of the extraneous stuff and get down to a more appropriate weight.