My mother made an interesting post on facebook this morning,

How did this happen to me Chris? You know, how I used to not understand at all the blogging, etc. that you did and all the rest. Now I’m loving the fact that I can make a comment and two or three people are interested enough to comment back and I am interested in them and what they are doing, etc,etc,. I’m loving it.

I responded with the following:

It is the greatest reality show of all time. It’s real. It’s not scripted situations or setups, but connecting with real people in a real way. “All the world’s a stage!”

That exchange got me inspired to write this post. Think about it – the very thing that has been accused of dividing us and forcing us away from conversations with our neighbors, is actually bringing us together. I liken it to the difference between grade school and college. In grade school, you get to choose your friends from a very small number of people (your class.) Most of those friendships are the result of the sheer coincidence that you happen to be in the same class of 20 or so kids. When you get to college, the student population is often 15,000 – 30,000… that is a big cohort to select from. The street you live on versus the Internet is the same thing.

Just because Billy’s family bought a house next to your family, you had to choose from Billy or Stinky Frank for the role of “best friend.” Those are the same people you are escaping when hitting the Internet. Suddenly, Stinky Frank no longer makes the cut because you have millions of options.

The reality show analogy is good, with the exception that television reality shows are actually the farthest thing from reality. What you find on the net however, can be completely real.