Seems that everything is coming up roses – well, not everything, but even those things that are lagging behind are moving in the right direction. First off the cycling. I now have less than 900 miles to log on my bike before I reach 20,000 lifetime miles. That’s kind of cool.

Another thing (and one of the side effects of the bike riding) is that I have dropped down to 217 pounds. (I maxed out at 240, just before moving to San Marcos.) This is pretty monumental as it has been years since I weighed this little. The combination of cycling every day and the recent addition of weight training to the routine seems to be a good fit. I have also greatly cut down the empty calories from things like soft drinks. I think my end goal should be somewhere around 200 lbs because I am going to continue the weight training, which will add some pounds.

It’s never too late.