The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has come out with a amazing new report. Apparently, when a larger vehicle crashes into a smaller one, the smaller takes more damage. I am so glad I have the lapdog for the auto industry to teach me about the basics of physics.

Yes, the IIHS took the current trendy microcars – Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, and Smart ForTwo and crashed them into larger midsize sedans. Their findings were not at all surprising, but the report was written as if it was a shocking revelation. It read like something out of Fox News teaser – “Are you driving a coffin? Find out at 10!”

The IIHS went further and blamed lower fuel consumption, saying this is why manufacturers are making smaller (more dangerous) cars. They suggest that the plan by the Obama administration making fuel economy vehicle-type-specific instead of fleet-wide will take away the incentive for manufacturers to make smaller, more fuel efficient cars. (And they are probably right)

So what’s my take? Look, I don’t care what kind of car you buy. If you need (or want) a truck – then by all means – do it. If you want fuel economy to save some bucks – more power to you. This is America. What gets me steamed is when these entities spread propaganda under the guise of public safety or information. What’s wrong with telling the truth? Why all the damn spin? Oh yeah – we’re stupid and need you, obviously more intelligent people, to help us make up our minds.