Selections from my personal journal during college.

This entry is to try to bring things up-to-date.

I pulled some muscles in my back lifting windows this morning, so I have the day off. I’m taking a break from cleaning my room. Tony came over and he’s playing a game on my computer.

I’ll start with Janie. She is beautiful – I mean drop-dead gorgeous. We hit it off real well at college, but she graduated and we sorta lost touch. I found out Dawn has moved to Corpus Christi – she’s working there. (I’m sure it is to be with her beau.) Now, I’ll try to explain the Amy thing. I’m not sure what I said about her before, but I’ll try to remember this right.

Terry really likes her, but she said she wasn’t interested in him. I had heard that she likes me, but I wasn’t really interested. Throughout this, I have held to my position that we are just friends. Anyway, one evening I was over at her apartment – it was a group thing – Bryan, Stacie and I came by. We were all laying around the floor watching TV. She was complaining about her shoulders and neck hurting and asked for a back rub – I proceeded to do so. She reciprocated.

The next thing I knew, I was about to fall asleep on the floor when she leaned over and kissed me. It was nothing big – just a simple little peck. I should have said something right then, but I just blew it off – afterall, I had no feelings for her.

Anyway, somehow this got back to Tonya and although she professes undying love for Brock, this really pissed her off. She said that because I didn’t volunteer the information, I was lying to her and she couldn’t handle that.
In retrospect, I probably should have corrected Amy instantly, and then told Tonya – but damn, she was all ga-ga over Brock and somehow “I” am the bad guy.

My journal takes an interesting turn from this point as I was home for the Summer and my friends were scattered around. I corresponded with several of them regularly through mail (yeah the old fashioned stuff) and have all of those letters inserted into the journal. Since half of those words are not mine, I will not include them in these posts.

Most of them revolved around very silly stuff like housing arrangements for the Fall. A couple of things stood out. I wrote to Amy and spent the entire letter talking about Tonya. Apparently, the two had planned to room together for the Summer, but according to Amy, Tonya found a cheaper place with some friends. I told her that I regretted the “incident” and that I was sure that Tonya hated me.

There are also some letters from girls I can’t even remember. Someone named Stacee who apparently had a big crush on me, the details of which escape me entirely.