Selections from my personal journal during college.

Nothing much has been happening lately. I went to see two movies today with my brother, Tim. We saw “The Burbs” and “Three Fugitives” – they were okay. Last night, Tim and I played tennis – I hadn’t played in over two years and Tim had never really played. I beat him three games to one. It was pretty fun. I may have to get me a racquet now – I’ve got the tennis bug.

I haven’t played basketball or rode my bike in two days as I hurt my back at work Friday.

I’m thinking about taking a golf class this Summer – something to do.

I wrote to Traci, Amy, Jaimee and Bryan this evening – I should be getting some mail soon. I just hope Tonya writes me back. Well, I’m done for now – talk to you later.

As I rolled into the Summer break, it appears that the entries became more disjointed and choppy. Again, a familiar theme is present, but I wasn’t spending much time dwelling on things – at least in my writing. It looks as though as the Summer went on, the distractions continued to grow as there are some large gaps between entries coming up.