Mom, Avis (her sister) and myself took a trip out to Goliad, Texas today and it turned out to be a nice little jaunt. First, we headed over to the Presidio La Bahia, the mission where nearly 400 Texan captives were gunned down in cold blood by the invading Mexican army. This, along with the recent massacre at the Alamo in San Antonio, inspired Texans to rally behind General Sam Houston as his army conquered the Mexican dictator, Santa Anna at San Jacinto just outside the city that would be renamed in his honor, Houston.

The story of the Presidio La Bahia is fascinating and being able to walk the only fully restored Spanish mission in the United States is inspiring in itself.

For more pics, of the days events – head to my Flickr page

After that, we had a great lunch on the town square at The Empresario. It is a great little small town restaurant where everyone knows everyone else. It was great to watch the interactions. One gentleman, after finishing his lunch, walked toward the front door. It took him nearly 20 minutes to cover the 30 feet as he had to shake hands, and stop and talk with nearly every person in the place. I really dig small towns.

After that, we walked across the street to the courthouse square and particularly the “Hangin’ Tree.”

What a gorgeous old oak! The legend says that as soon as someone was found guilty in the courthouse, they were escorted outside, a rope was tossed over the tree limb and justice was meted out on the spot.

All in all, it was a fun excursion just a few miles outside of Victoria and a great opportunity to have more conversations with Avis and Mom. Fun stuff!