I’ve managed to keep dropping the weight despite some trips to the “fattest city in America.” Houston, Texas. At last weigh-in, I was 208 pounds – a full 32 down from when I moved to San Marcos.

I only recently started to actually do strenuous workouts. Up until now, it has all been about 1) lowering my caloric intake, and 2) getting back into cycling. I added P90 X last week and while it has been kicking my butt, the results are starting to show.

Don’t be mistaken here – there is some photographic skill going into getting this shot. Everything from setting the lighting right, shooting from the right angle, and yes… some serious “sucking in.” It also didn’t hurt that I had the shirt as a souvenir from the Nike Football Camp I was at this morning (as media, not participant) and they seem to be designed to make you look like you’re in better shape. Whatever it takes though, I am happy that my body is getting closer to how I would like, and who knows – maybe one day, I’ll be comfortable taking my shirt off in public – haha.