Selections from my personal journal during college.

I took a big jump here because my journal entries during the Summer pretty much revolved around sports – the Tour de France (where Greg LeMond won by just 8 seconds,) baseball and basketball. There are also a bunch of letters from college friends, but no way I am going to transcribe them all here.

First of all I’m back at college – have been for over a week. Bryan and i moved in around the 20th. I’ve pretty much seen the whole gang since returning. I’m rooming with Bryan – Terry is rooming in the dorm – Jon has his own apartment – Dave has moved in with Stacey – Amy is living in an apartment with a friend – Linda and Tonya are staying together. I saw Sandy but I’m not sure if she’s staying in the same place. I haven’t seen Traci yet – she said she was getting a new apartment. I saw Kelly – she’s still in the ZTA house.

I met a really nice girl that works the information desk of the UC. Her name is Cindy Hanks – she’s beautiful (of course) and on a scale of 1 to 10, she has the personality of a 27. I asked her to go to a movie but that was three days ago and I haven’t really followed up since we didn’t set an exact date.

I picked my classes for the semester – they are: Weight Training, Intramural Sports, Prevention and Care of Injuries, Activities & Games in Sports, and I will be doing an internship too. Dr. Dinucci mentioned the cardiology department of the hospital and we have an appointment next Tuesday to get the info.

Arnie – my pet turtle enjoys college life much more now since I got a heater for his aquarium. Bryan and I went out and bought remote control cars – childish I know, but hey – it’s fun! I’ve been playing basketball a couple hours a day and riding about 5 -25 miles a day too.

Looks like college life got back to normal pretty fast.