Alright, I don’t have anything against chick-flicks – they’ve just never been high on my list of must-watch genres. Seriously, give me a good action, sci-fi, comedy, period piece, you name it… I just never got into the whole gushy, weepy, love story genre.

That said, as you read the films I have had to sit through recently, you may be surprised that I actually liked some of them quite a bit.

I won’t go into a lot of detail about what has me watching so many of these sappy movies other than that the folks I have been hanging out with the past few weeks just love the stuff and although I managed to skip the majority of the ones played here, I did get sucked into a few.

Made of Honor is a film that I would not have been caught dead paying to see. You know what? I would have been right in that decision. Sure, it’s cute. Sure, it’s romantic. Sure, there are some scenes designed to melt hearts…. but come on… this is as schlocky as chick-flicks get. If this is your genre of choice – this is a sure winner for you. It is somewhere between stabbing myself in the eyes and waxing my chest in terms of enjoyment though.

Patrick Dempsey is fun to watch regardless of the hysteria over the whole McDreamy nonsense – I have like him since the 1989 film, Loverboy – great movie. I am also a big fan of Kevin McKidd (Rome, Journeyman) and I could watch Michelle Monaghan in anything.

As this kind of movie goes – it is a fun little diddy though… so keep in mind that it would rate higher if there was anything about chick flicks I like.

RATING 5 out of 10


Geez, this is just painful. It seemed like it was going to a fun little exercise, but all I find myself doing is reliving all those lost hours sitting in front of the tube. Two Weeks Notice is a film that is sappy at best, and unfortunately, boring through and through.

Sandra Bullock delivers her standard performance in this poorly written 2002 romantic comedy. The problem with the poor writing is that the romance is cheesy and the comedy not even close to being funny. Adding Hugh Grant to the marquee should give you a mega-hit when combined with Bullock, but he is too weak to fight his way out of this script.

Instead of dropping this in the DVD player, drop it in the nearest trash can and your life will be 101 minutes richer.

RATING 2 out of 10


The Proposal is a film I went to see at the theater and it was actually a lot of fun. Sandra Bullock is on some sort of resurgence in her career and it looks a little better this time around. It appears her skill as an actress has improved while her comic delivery and pratfalls are still spot-on. Ryan Reynolds delivered a very good performance in a role that is nothing like his action roles and takes his comedy to a new level – from sophomoric fart jokes to romantic comedy.

Overall, the film is funny albeit completely predictable. The combination of Reynolds and Bullock however, is solid box office gold.

RATING 8 out of 10


He’s Just Not That Into You is a film that sets out to explain the mind of the dating/relationship male. It throws out a few stereotypes and tries to say that this is the sum total of men. As a man, it is a pretty insulting and shallow look at our gender. As a moviegoer, it is a pretty sad downer of a film. I just didn’t like it much.

The cast was great – I mean, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connolly, Ben Afleck, Bradley Cooper, Drew Barrymore, Justin Long – you name it. We are talking an all-star cast. The acting was excellent, the script was good… heck, the only thing that was wrong with the film was that is was so negative.

What can I say? I like happy movies.

RATING 5 out of 10


There have been a good half dozen more chick flicks I have had to sit through in the past couple months, but this is about all I can stomach blogging right now. If these type of films are up your alley, them by all means – enjoy and you can probably add three stars to each of the ratings to erase my bias.