I guess when you are trying to sell books, you need to say things that grab attention. I think that when you are selling self-help books however, you need to tone down the hyperbole and focus on facts.

Suze Orman was on the Today Show stating information about information for women related to money in her book Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny. She stated that, “Women need to learn to put themselves first. They spend their money on their kids first. Men spend their money on themselves first.” While I agree that you need to take care of the source of the income first, there is nothing wrong with spending your excess on your children. More importantly though, she is male bashing. “Men spend their money on themselves first?” Come on.

She could have said that they “feel it is important that their children learn to manage money themselves,” or that they “feel their kids should learn that money is something that you have to earn,” but to paint all men with the blanket that they “think of themselves first” is a bit disingenuous.

Good luck to Suze on her book sales as I am sure that 90% of the content is solid information that is very useful – just take it easy on the man-bashing.