The family and I took a trip North of Fredericksburg Saturday to climb Enchanted Rock.  This makes my fourth trip up the huge slab of granite and it was an absolute blast.  First, it looked like bad weather was going to blow in and ruin the day, but I held firm to my belief that the sun would come out and it would turn out fun.  It did!

Every other time I’ve climbed the rock, it was sweltering heat and this time was a welcome change from that.  It was super windy and quit chilly at the start, but by the time we were halfway up, the sweat took over.

Here the kids pose for a family picture.

We then headed to the Auslander restaurant because we heard it was decent German food. I have to say that for $70 (without drinks,) it was NOT worth the value. Oma’s Haus in New Braunfels is MUCH more authentic and MUCH tastier.

Dallin and I took a timeout to record a quick video:

As the chill rolled into the town, the kids found the fireplace at the Auslander a welcome discovery. As it turns out, it is much closer to home than I realized and it looks like we may be going back to the area more often. Fun stuff!