I pride myself on having a lot of knowledge combined with a large number of experiences.  Because of that, when one of those little overlooked things always catches me by surprise.  I mean, I have been to the top of mountains, spoken in front of thousands, sampled all manner of daring escapades – then why did this escape me so long?  I am talking about the candy known as Runts.  Yes, the little miniature fruits sold by Nestle under the Willy Wonka brand are brand new to me!

I’ve always avoided them because I assumed they were sour.  I detest sour things.  It took a conversation last night with Logan to enlighten me.  He handed me one of the banana shaped ones (which he assured me were the best) and I loved it!  They are very sweet and yes, the banana is the best.  Not only do I love the fact that as I approach a half century, there is still much to learn each and every day.  I am grateful not only that there is still so much to learn, but that I am still amazed by all the seemingly small wonders this life has to offer.