I thought I would take a look at the various deals out there for you on your birthday.  I remember back in the day that you would get something decent at Denny’s and Benihana – but other than that, it was pretty much a tiny cupcake or scoop of ice cream with a silly song.

This being the age of internet marketing, I went ahead and signed up for a few birthday clubs online to see what emails I was sent in the week or two prior to my birthday (November 13th.)  Here is what I received:

  • Pluckers – a FREE DESSERT (not sure what that means, but I am betting something tiny)
  • Red Robin Restaurants – a FREE GOURMET BURGER of your choice (not bad at all – the closest one is in Houston though)
  • Arby’s – FREE 12oz SHAKE WITH ANY PURCHASE (weak juju)
  • Chili’s – FREE BROWNIE SUNDAE (this one looks really good – it is worth swinging by)
  • Luby’s – FREE SLICE OF DESSERT (no purchase necessary so looks pretty decent)
  • Texas Roadhouse – one FREE APPETIZER or SIDEKICK OF RIBS (with purchase of adult entree)

Those are the ones I signed up for – nothing too earth-shaking here.  If you know of any other good ones before the 13th, let me know.

The worst one so far has to be Coke.  As a member of their Coke Rewards program, they sent me this email:

Happy Birthday Chris!

We hope that your birthday is filled with little (and big) things that are sure to make you smile. Make your sparkling day shine a little bit brighter; head over to My Coke Rewards and spend some points on exclusive rewards to mark your special occasion.

How cool is that?  One of the wealthiest companies in the world can’t spare a bottle of sugar water, they send a greeting to ask me to “spend some points” on their site.  They are just so giving!  🙂  Losers!

For the record, Sweet Wimberley gives you ONE FREE TRUFFLE on your birthday – no purchase necessary!

So, what do I want for my birthday?  Nothing really.  No, I am not trying to paint myself as this martyr who doesn’t have a selfish bone in his body – I just truly can’t think of anything I want.  Sure, I love getting gifts but regardless of what I receive on or around my birthday…  I have everything I could ever want.

I live in a great country.  I have a good education.  I have my health.  I have the love of friends and family.  I am good.