YouTube Leanback is one of those things that just flew right past me. I heard about it today and checked it out. I am still not really sure

  • a) if I like it
  • b) what it is good for
  • c) how I would use it

It seems too interactive to be useful from the standpoint of watching on your family television.  I mean, I know my attention span can be low at time, but when I kick back in front of the big screen, I plan to not move, not flip channels, not make a lot of choices.  That is something I do before I sit down.

I can see it working from the desktop if you are exclusively planning to sit and watch YouTube content – but come on – who does that?  Teenagers?  If I spend any time on YouTube it is while doing other things and I need my screen for that.

Will I try it?  Sure, I will give it a few test runs.  Will it be added to my habits?  Not likely.

You tell me – do you use it?  How do you use it?  Will it go the way of the Dodo bird and “Pants on the Ground?”