The family was sitting around the dinner table (with an amazing pork roast, potatoes and asparagus – mmmm) and I took the opportunity to start a conversation.  “Let’s recap a little bit.  What are some of the things you are happy about from 2010?”

It was a simple way to get 2011 started off in a positive manner.  If you are ‘up’ from remembering all the good things from last year, you are more likely to be ‘up’ about this coming year.

Some of the things that I was reminded of:

We bought a great home on 5 acres in the Texas Hill Country.  It was exactly what we had searched 8 months for AND we walked into it with some serious equity!

We opened a gorgeous chocolate treat store (Sweet Wimberley) and not only created a successful company, but made great friends AND were profitable in months rather than years!

I was able to see my boys (Logan and Dallin) play football!  Those who have known me for a long time understand how wonderful this has been for me.

My company, Fresh Media Works has been extremely successful, attracted some great new clients and shows signs of exponential results in 2011!

We went on a fun trip to Utah where we picked up Madison and brought her home to Texas so she can continue her college here!

My family has been healthy; My friends have been good;
and of course, Dawn and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary!  Nothing more to be said about that – it has been a SERIOUSLY great year!